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General Description

KCS series capacitive no-contact switch is electronic power controller for switching quickly on/off power shunt capacitor,composed of large-capacity inversely shunt transistor module,isolation circuit, touch -off circuit, synchronized circuit, protecti circuit and driving circuit, and provided with switch on/off terminals logic control voltage OV(OFF), 12V(ON). This switch can be easily mounted, maintained, quickly response, it has no switching surge and noise during operating. Phase failure protection provided It is the deal controller for capacitor bank to dynamically compensating the reactive power.

Main Technical parameter

1. rated voltage 380V(220V)

2. rated frequency: 50Hz

3. controlled capacity: 380V class: 1Kvar to 30Kvar

                                    220V class: 1Kvar to 1oKvar

Model Meanings

Wiring diagram