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General Description

RPCF3 series automatic phase discriminated reactive power compensating controller has all the advantages of RPCF series meanwhile this controller sample the signals of voltage and curren from three phases respectively, it will avoid the var meter recording quickly or inversely rotating even if the power factor has been compensated fully in three phase unbalanced system.

Function features

1. On basis of fundamental wave reactive power, calculate the reactive power to be switched on it can avoid switching shock  of any forms, it can accurately display the power factor of system with harmonic wave.

2. High measurement accuracy, wide display scope.

3. Real time display general power factor and fundamental wave PF.

4. Real time display the distortion rates of voltage and current.

5. Total 12 kinds of coding output can be chosen.

6. 16 circuits of output at maximum.

7. Human friendly interface, convenient operation.

8. Various control setting can be adjusted digitally, directly and easily.

9. Automatic and manual operations, two modes provided.
10. Over voltage and absent voltage protection provided.
11.Protection against superscale of harmonic wave voltage.
12. Data not lost even if power shut down.

13. Current signal input resistance <0.01Ω.
14. Communication function ((MODBUS-RTU RS485) provide.
15. Compensating power factor able to be adjusted: 0.70 lag~0.7 forward.

Main Technical Parameter

1. rated working voltage :380V、22V、110V±10%

2. rated working current: 5A

3. rated working frequency: 45-65HZ

4. power factor displayed: lag 0. 001-forward 0.001

5. measured reactive power: 0-9999Kvar

6. measured active power: 0-9999KW

7. absent voltage protection: AC300V or AC 180V

8. capacity of output contact: AC 220V 7A

9. sensitivity 20mA

10. display mode:4 digit red LED

11. total consumption:10VA
12. Outline size:
    144mmx 144mm or 122mmx 122mm

13. Opening hole size:
     138mmx138mm or 113mmx113mm

14. Mounting mode: plug-in mounting by inverse thread screw or railway mounting
15.Value setting scope:
a)Auto/Manual                               Automatic/Manual operation
b)Power factor                                0.70ind-0.70cap
c)switching delay                            2-200S
d)capacitor discharging duration   0-480s
e)over voltage                                 Line voltage 400-450V(phase voltage:230-265V
f) distortion rate                              0.1-30.0%
g)CT transformation ratio               50-4000/5
h)C1 capacity                                  0.1-100.0Kvar
i) Output code                                Pr-01-12
j) Output circuits                            1-16 circuits
k)  communication address              1-255
l) commmunication speed              4800、9600、19200、115200

Compensation Schedule


Switching Mode

All Corporate Compensation

Three phases powers basically balance

According to the total reactive power of three phases

Corporate Compensation9 CircuitRespective Compensation 1 Circuit

Three phases powers have no big difference

On basis of the single phase with lowest reactive power switch on the corporate compensated capacitors),if not enough or unbalancethen switch on the respective compensated capacitors

Corporate Compensation6 CircuitRespective Compensation 1 Circuit

Corporate Compensation3 CircuitRespective Compensation 1 Circuit

All Respective CompensationEach Phase Has 4 Circuits

Three phases powers unbalance severely

According to the total reactive power of single phase