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Low Voltage Shunt Power Capacitor
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Applications                                                                                            Main Technical Lndexes

BGMJ capacitor are gas type dry self-healing capacitor built in an                 1.Standard reference:  GB12747-2004. IEC60831-96. UL810-95

aluminium can. The dielectric consists of low loss matelized poly-                 2.Using Condition:  -25℃/+50℃  Humidity≤90%RH

propylene film and protective gas,capacitor have smaller dimension,                Altitude≤2000m

a long operation life,a high AC load capacity and can be installed                  3.Over-voltage Permitted:  1.0Un.  1.1Un 8h/d. 1.3Un 1min

in any position because of the gas dry construction.Motor starting                 4.Over-Current Permitted:  1.3ln

and moving capacitor can be supplied.                                                       5.Lmpact Current:  ≤300ln

                                                                                                             6.Allowable offset on Reactive-load Power:  -5~+10%

                                                                                                             7.Loss Angle Tangent(Power Frequency Rated Voltage):

                                                                                                                tg δ ≤0.0015

                                                                                                             8.Dielectric Loss:  ≤0.25W/kvar

                                                                                                             9.Testing Voltage: Between Poles2.15Un 10S  Between and

                                                                                                                Housing3000VAC 60S

Overall Dimension

Electrical connection                                                        Ventilation

User is recommended to use a cable of min temperature withstand           Capacitors, contactors, fuses and electrical connections

capacity of90°C                                                                                   generate heat dissipation(about 2.5 W/kvar total or 8 W/kval

Use flexible cables                                                                                with series reactors)

Paralleling of the capacitor should not be done at the capacitor                 Specific precautions must be taken in order not to exceed

terminals as shown in the figure. Ensure that the paralleling is done          temperature values of -25 C/+55C(class D)category around

at contactor side and two separate cables are coming to the capacitor       the capacitors inside the cubicle. (refer to"Installation Guide"for

terminals from contactor(See figure with "Right"connection)                     moreinformation)

                                                                                                          The airflow inside the cubicle must go from bottom to top

This instruction is applicable for all types of terminals in VarPlus Can

Cable Cross Section selection table