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Jiukang Classroom- Series for Increased Power Transmission Capablity of a 500kV Grid Intertie
Source: | Author:jiukang | Publish time: 2019-11-26 | 206 Views | Share:
Angular stability, Capacitive reactance, Degree of compensation, Fast protective devive,Line reactance, Line transposing, Metal oxide varistor, Power transmission capacity, Series capacitors, Transient recovery voltage, Voltage stability.
         As power demand increase in many parts of the world,power transmission needs to be developed,as well. The building of more power lines may not be the best way, howevers,as transmission line cost a lot of money, take considerable time to contruct, and are subject to severe environmental constraints.
         With series compensation, the power transmission capability of existing,long lines can be increased considerably【1-2】。 Likewise, in green-field projects, the number of parallel lines can be kept to a minimum by using series compensation from the outset, This can be utilized to benefit when large amounts of power need to be transmitted over long distances to consumer areas.
          The paper provides an example of employing a series capacitor in Canadian utility, Hydro One. Hydro One is the largest electricity transmission and distribution company in the provice of Ontario, Canada.The Company owns and operates substantially all of Ontario's electricity transmission system, accounting for approximately 96.6% of Ontario's transmission capacity.