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Supercapacitor element
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Supercapacitor element

Super capacitor is a new type of energy storage device, which is deeply concerned and favored by the world.

Zhejiang jiukang Electric Co., Ltd. started the research and development of super capacitor in 2013. It has been more than six years so far. Today, our research and development achievements are open to the public.

1.The relationship between super capacitor and traditional capacitor

Super capacitors and traditional capacitors are members of the capacitor family. Following the common original principle and the same working principle, they all have the common characteristics of storage charge. In the new situation, people give the super capacitor new functions and values, the difference is the difference between raw materials. The materials used in traditional capacitors are organic polymer films (polypropylene film, polyester film and liquid medium, as well as paraffin and wax). The common characteristics of these materials are excellent electrical properties of neutral medium and partial polar medium (such as high electrical resistance and small dielectric loss), but the capacitance is very small, generally in the range of 1.8 ~ 2.6 neutral medium and 3.0 ~ 6.3 polar medium, It is impossible to produce super capacitors with the current traditional capacitor materials. For this reason, we have developed a kind of strong polar electrodeless material (BaTiO3 ceramic material) and organic polymer composite to form a double-layer dielectric material, which can meet the production of super capacitors.

Performance parameters of BaTiO3 Composite


Compound material

Polypropylene film


ε Dielectric constant



Dielectric loss



E electric strength V / μ M






Working temperature ℃



Thermal stability ℃



These parameters are the results of our long-term countless experiments.

2.The difference between super capacitor and battery

There are essential differences between super capacitor and battery products. They are two completely different products. Super capacitor follows the original theoretical basis, which is the permittivity produced by the dielectric polarization under the action of electric field, establishes a new electric field, realizes the energy storage of capacitor, which is a physical characteristic. Under the action of electric field, the battery decomposes the positive and negative charge to move the charge directionally to form a current to store energy. It is an electrolytic reaction of electricity and chemistry under the action of electric field.

Super capacitor performance characteristics




Working principle

Principle of dielectric polarization

Charging speed

Fast charging without separation of positive and negative electrodes, polarization process 10-2 / S

Service life

Infinite charge and discharge, long life

Working temperature ℃


Safety and stability

No combustion, no decomposition

Environmental protection characteristics


Chemical properties

Non oxidation, aging resistance

product mix

Guide electrode and dielectric materials, simple structure

Product cost

Low cost

Application area

A wide range of fields

3.Feasibility of process

More than six years of innovative R & D process has realized the innovation from new materials to new energy field, and completed the research from raw materials (ceramic powder) composite materials (inorganic medium and polar medium composite) to super capacitor component system engineering. Under the guidance of the original theory, focusing on the verification of theory and the accumulation of practical technology, a set of systematic production mode of theory, production equipment, process equipment, the feasibility and replicability of all factors of production has been formed. It has laid a foundation for our future industrial production and set up a new way of independent research and development for our national enterprises in the field of new materials and new energy.

4.Application prospect of new materials

We combine BaTiO3 powder and organic polymer in super capacitor, including new energy electric vehicle, mobile phone capacitor, computer capacitor and other energy storage equipment. With the continuous development of our research and development, BaTiO3 low-frequency and low-pressure materials have been expanded to the fields of high-frequency, high-pressure and high-temperature, opening up a broader prospect for new materials and new energy.
5.Current progress

After more than six years of hard research and development, we have completed the component trial production process from raw materials, composite materials to super capacitors, which enables us to have a deep and comprehensive grasp of the product system elements of super capacitors. Today's opening to the public is the time for us to shift from trial production to mass production, to pool social resources and forces, so that our new materials and new energy products can be launched and shared with the society as soon as possible. Give full play to the technical, innovative and social benefits of new materials and new energy.
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